Why Should You Opt for Automated Testing for Your Android App?


Unlike other popular mobile operating platforms such as i-OS and Windows Phone, Android is available source. Google has released its mobile operating system under open source licenses. This feature may make it easier for mobile device manufacturers to access and customize Android’s origin code to automatically deliver different user encounter. However, the willingness of the cell platform makes it needed for programmers to make certain their mobile applications function flawlessly on various apparatus, and a number of versions of Android.

As an program programmer, you must employ an entire mobile application testing plan to release a bug-free application. Several accounts have highlighted the way the program developer can deliver a premium quality goods and receive higher returns by restarting his Android application testing. At precisely the same time frame, you can even automate your mobile testing efforts without investing a massive amount of dollars. There are also a number of reasons why you need to elect for automated testing of your own Android program.

Inch) AppValley Must be tested on Many Devices

The Android devices completely vary from each other. Each gadget was created with different monitor dimensions, resolution, shape factor, processor guidelines, and Android version. For this reason, you want to ensure your program runs smoothly on most devices manufactured by different firms. The automatic testing applications is likely to make it easier for you to evaluate the app’s operation across many devices without some excess time and energy.

2) Apps Must Run Using Various Versions of Android

Apple allows users to manually upgrade to the most recent edition of iOS without changing their i-phone, i-pad or iPod touch. But the Android users need to alter their existing mobile devices to get the latest form of the mobile os. Usually users take time to migrate to the latest version of Android. That is the reason why; your cellular program has to be harmonious with unique variants of the cellular operating system. You’re able to use testing programs to rate the app’s functioning accurately across a different edition of Android.

3) All Tests must be performed by the Deadline

You need to perform a variety of evaluations as part of the testing procedure to gauge all features and functionality of their Android app. Additionally, these evaluations must be completed within a specified period to shorten the time to market. Once you automate your testing efforts, it will become easier to complete all tests in just a shorter amount of time. Additionally, you may use the various tools to execute the tests frequently and repeatedly to identify all of the defects or flaws in the application form. The quick conclusion of evaluations can help you to reduce the time to market.

4) Create a High Quality and Flawless Android Application

To secure higher ROI, you want to research methods to boost the number of program downloads. Nowadays, the profitability of each mobile program is directly affected with its quality and user experience. Each user expects that the app to execute perfectly on his mobile platform and device. That means you must assess all parts of the Android program to identify all of defects and performance problems. The testing programs allow you to identify and repair most of flaws inside the program in just a shorter amount of time. Hence, you may automate the testing efforts to boost the app’s quality and user expertise, and hence get higher yields.

5) Option to Use Open Source Android Testing Tools

Usually programmers have to purchase both hardware and software to automate their own cellular testing efforts. However, you still have numerous options to appraise the Android app entirely without investing additional funds. You’ve got choice to select from several analyzing tools for Android. There are several open source testing tools which include advanced and innovative capabilities. For instance, you are able to consider using a number of the most popular open source mobile testing applications for Android such as Robotium, Monkeyrunner, Appium, selendroid, calabash-android along with Uiautomator. You can use these programs without paying any licensing fee or royalty, while availing the help of a massive community.

6) Option to Re-use Test Resources

In addition, you have the option to re install the exam tools across multiple projects. It’s possible to reuse the test scripts for several endeavors with minimal maintenance. Also, you’re able to easily extend the test coverage without needing any additional time. There certainly are a number of cloud-testing programs that allow you to conduct more tests without investing in server and other testing tools. So, your first investment in testing tools can allow one try several Android apps without increasing endeavor overheads. Additionally, you have to deploy less manual trainee as manual testing efforts have been reduced considerably.

7) Save Both Time and Money

Often mobile app developers have to research methods to save both time and money. After you to produce bug-free Android program, it’ll be simpler for one to promote it on various platforms. The best consumer experience will further create the applying popular through word of mouth of users. So you can easily earn much more program download revenue, and get increased ROI. At precisely the same time, the automation of Android app testing will likewise help you to reduce time to market, despite conducting all tests. Unlike manual testers, the test automation software can economically carry out all evaluations at a much quicker and more reliable way. Also, the equipment deliver more reliable and accurate evaluation results that will enable take key decisions. Ergo, you need to automate your Android upgrade efforts to conserve both time and money.

But, you have to organize the automated Android program testing to reap benefits concerning cash and time. That is the reason why; you must make and employ a customized testing plan to streamline the whole process. Also, you have to look to find Android app testing best techniques to secure more reliable test results and launch a perfect application. The very best methods will further make it simpler for you to expand the evaluation policy without delaying the item release.

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