5 Types of Plastic Brochure Holders


Brochures are a great way to spread the word about your business and give your prospects a marketing piece that they can take home with them. Your brochure can serve as a constant reminder of the quality of your products and services, and help cement your brand in the mind of your customers. With quality design and effective distribution, your brochures are guaranteed to help generate traffic to your business. While most people spend all of their efforts designing graphics and brochure content, the distribution of brochures is often neglected. To help persuade prospects to pick up your brochures, you can use one of these five types of plastic brochure holders.

1. Single Pocket Brochure Holder

A very basic type of brochure holder currently on the market is the single pocket holder Brochure holder. This type is very compact and can carry up to seventy-five brochures at any given time. These are often constructed from leather, and increasingly from plastic. These are great to distribute to other related businesses so that your target audience will be more likely to pick up your brochures from their front desk.

2. Wall Mounted

A wall mounted holder are widely used in offices, schools, and clinics. As their name implies, these holders are mounted to the walls and fixed in place. Often made from wood or plastic, wall-mounted holders can have partitions for storing multiple brochures. Additionally they can come with single or multiple columns to host an array of brochures, and give the greatest possible visual display.

3. Floor Standing

A floor standing holder is meant to grab attention as soon as the prospect walks in the door of the office or building where your brochures are displayed. These holders come with a base and a stand so that they can be placed immediately adjacent to doors, allowing prospects to grab brochures as they are coming or going. These are great for spreading the word about new businesses, products, or events.

4. Outdoor Holders

One of the rarest forms are meant to hold brochures outside the building or office in which they are displayed. These are generally meant for things like free newspapers and newsletters, free magazines, and other all-purpose materials. While rugged and suitable for outdoor use, these can also be used indoors to hold large quantities of big items.

5. Wire and Metal

Wire and metal holders are most often found in libraries, reading rooms, university campuses, and internet cafes. These have several layers of intertwining wire in which many different brochures, flyers, handouts, and other marketing pieces can be displayed in a visually interesting manner. Those interested in promoting their business, organization, cause or event can add brochures organically, often with the consent of the location’s staff.

By paying as much attention to the presentation and distribution as you do the design of your brochures, you are guaranteed to solidify your brand as a forward-thinking, respectable organization in the minds of your customers and prospects. Choosing the right brochure holder helps you get your brochures where you need them, in the hands of your target audience.

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